Balewood Security - About Us

The Team

Balewood Security team has many years of experience in all areas of manpower security. The team is headed up by the Managing Director, Tim Bales, with over 30 years experience in the security industry. The fact that Balewood Security has a number of long time clientele, some as long as 30 years of continual service, speaks about Tim's commitment to provide a high level of customer service while ensuring safety, security and flexibility. His years of experience combined with study at university level in security management has enabled Tim to develop a company that provides up-to-date security methods and operating procedures with top quality customer service.

Tim's desire to continually raise the level of service and safety of both Balewood Security and the Security Industry as a whole is seen by his years serving as a director of The Security Providers' Association of Australia (SPAAL). SPAAL is the longest established and a leading Security Industry body dedicated to the improvement of the Security Industry and the provision of an excellent standard of safety, service and security to the community.

The remaining team members whether guard, crowd controller, concierge or armed escort, each has several years of experience in the security industry. Each team member holds a NSW Security Class 1ACF security license. Each team member contributes to the development of Balewood Security's comprehensive policies and procedures, followed by regular training in the latest safety and security methods and operations.