Balewood Security - Services


Balewood Security provides a full range of manpower security services to fulfill all internal and external security requirements, including

We can assist with

  • Security and risk analysis
  • Threat assessments
  • Security management and consulting services
  • Staff training sessions in Armed Hold-up Survival and other security related matters
  • The preparation of security policies and procedures.


To provide uninterrupted operations, businesses need to provide safety and security for their valuable assets whether they are property, stock, employees and/or customers against robbery, vandalism or attack. Each of these negative events can have devastating effects upon the successful continuance of the business and its reputation. The most effective deterrent against robbery, vandalism and attack is the physical presence of a Balewood Security guard, protecting these valuable assets and giving a sense of safety to employees and customers. This can be achieved through a combination of static guarding in a control room, monitoring CCTV and alarms plus foot patrols throughout the property and car park areas.

The guard's on-site presence enables an immediate response to all situation plus alerting any off-site emergency services if required. All events are logged with daily reports submitted by the security guard, if required, keeping the client informed of all matters relating to the physical protection of the business.

Depending upon the client's needs and the results of comprehensive Security Risk Assessments, Balewood Security can provide fully trained and licensed armed and unarmed security guards to protect all aspects of the business. Balewood Security guards are able to provide protection to factories, office buildings, shopping centres and malls, and construction sites.


Balewood Security provides fully licensed crowd controllers to a number of licensed premises to monitor the 'responsible service of alcohol'. Nothing ruins a good night out for your customers than having to deal with intoxicated and annoying patrons. Balewood Security crowd controllers are fully trained to intervene and deal with a variety of situations bringing about the best and least disruptive outcomes for all concerned.


Take the worry and risk out of going to the bank and free up your valuable time. This service will pay for itself with the time it will save when we do your banking for you.

Most banks are continuously downsizing their personal teller operations and more and more branches are being closed. This may mean that you have to travel further to do your banking. Not only does this mean that you have less time to concentrate on your business, you are also at a greater risk of snatch and grab attacks, assaults and bodily injury. Don't put yourself or your staff at risk. An armed hold-up or even a snatch and grab incident may result in costly time off work for you or your staff, loss of productivity, costly workers' compensation claims and increased insurance premiums.

Balewood Security provides a range of banking collection services depending upon your requirements and NSW Workcover cash carry limits. Ranging from
  • Plain clothed armed guards in covert vehicles
  • Uniformed armed guard in plain vehicles
  • Two armed uniformed guards in a covert ballistic-proof vehicle and is fully compliant with NSW Workcover's Cash-in -Transit Code of Practice

Our security banking service is a complete solution to your time management and workers' compensation problems. This affordable and professional service includes:
  • Preparation of a full Cash-in-Transit Risk Assessment and CIT Operating Procedure
  • Collection of your banking at a time suitable to you
  • Delivery of your banking to a bank and branch nominated by you
  • Collection of your petty cash, coin requirements and important documents from the bank
  • Return of your bank books to you on the same day
  • Balewood Security carries cash-in-transit insurance for cash up to $100,000

The service is performed by armed security officers who are fully trained to identify and reduce the risks associated with transferring cash and valuables. No job is too big or too small. The service is as flexible as it is affordable. We can tailor the service to meet your precise needs.

So to free up your time, prevent costly workers compensation claims and loss of productivity as well as possibly reducing expensive insurance premiums, give us a call, you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable we can offer this valuable service.


Many corporate offices and high end living communities have found a need to not only ensure its clients and residents safety, but to also provide the highest level of customer service to each unique need. With a focus on superior customer service, confidentiality, enthusiasm, integrity and attention to detail, our clients are also receiving the additional element of security.

Balewood Security's clients have come to find we are the leader in combined concierge/security services. Some of the services you can expect are:
  • Control building access
  • Monitor the security system
  • Receive packages and deliveries while clients/residents are away
  • Assist and organise trades people
  • Supervise move-ins and move-outs
  • Regulate visitor parking
  • Enforce by-laws and deal with complaints
  • Respond to fire and other emergency alarms
  • Patrol common areas, including parking and amenities
  • Write daily shift reports and incident reports to log all common area problems and other unusual occurrences